This Website is a comprehensive presentation of 13 commercial and residential properties situated in Southern California and Southern Florida, and is intended for use by tenants, lenders, vendors, and others who have an interest in these properties.

Conrad Baker, the entrepreneur owner and Manager of these properties is the largest equity capital investor with an ownership interest in each property ranging from 68% to 100%.

Four of the properties in this portfolio are commercial properties owned by individual Limited Liability Companies for which CBA Financial, Inc., a California Corporation, wholly owned by Mr. Baker, is designated as "Manager." Seven of the properties in this portfolio are residential or mixed-use properties owned in fee simple by Mr. Baker. One property is owned as a joint venture. One property is managed under a fee management contract.

CBA Property Management, Inc., a California Corporation, wholly owned by Mr. Baker, is the property manager and leasing agent for the properties. Both CBA Financial, Inc. and CBA Property Management, Inc. are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and are licensed to conduct business in Florida.

Before founding CBA in 1984, Mr. Baker spent eleven years as an executive for several large regional and national development companies, culminating in six years as COO and CEO. In addition to his background as a commercial developer, Mr. Baker is a recognized expert in the renovation and retenanting of commercial and residential properties and has authored articles in leading trade periodicals on this subject. To see Mr. Baker's resume, please click here.

In the acquisition and development of his portfolio, Mr. Baker consistently applies principles he has gleaned in 30 years of developing, managing, and renovating over 700 properties. The properties were a broad and diverse mix of commercial, retail, residential, and industrial developments, ranging from a duplex apartment to a one million square foot regional mall.

The primary ownership objective is to achieve the optimal long term stability, cash flow and value for each property. The only sale in the last four years was a West L.A. office building, for a significant premium to a owner-user buyer.

The acquisition program is financially conservative. Each property in the portfolio has a loan to value of 50% or less. A major criteria for each acquisition is significant upside potential realizable through the execution of a 3 to 5 year asset plan. The asset plan extends beyond curing code compliance and deferred maintenance items. The plan includes an analysis of the market place and the formulation of measures to maximize the property's competitiveness including aesthetic and functional improvements to the building and common areas, tenanting and retenanting which may include space addition or reconfiguration, and liability mitigation. The initial asset plan has been substantially completed for 83% of the properties.

Each asset plan is continually reviewed and refined to achieve the long-term ownership objectives. The policy of ongoing reinvestment in each property is an integral part of the CBA management philosophy and is applied without exception.

We invite you to peruse this website and confirm the pride of ownership philosophy espoused in this introduction.