3413 - 3427 S. San Pedro Los Angeles,


Development Program:

The property is a 2-story mixed-use development containing approximately 8,215 SF of retail/office space on the first floor and 10 apartments on the second floor. The property was constructed in 1928. It is steel frame with brick and stucco exterior surfaces. In 1989, major seismic work was performed to bring the property into compliance with then existing codes.

A major renovation was performed upon the property between November 2001 and June 2002. The work included significant structural reinforcement work, including installing structural footings in the pool hall and adding structural horizontal steel reinforcement beams over the ceiling of the pool hall and office suites. The front and south side of the building were sandblasted and restuccoed. Store fronts and new entry doors were added to each commercial leasehold. Motorized overhead steel doors were installed at the storefronts. The doors were concealed in a soffit and metal encasements were fabricated in the shape of a column and placed over the motors to aesthetically appear as a cap to an existing column line. A continuous signage band was placed over the storefronts. The signage consisted of individual white plexiglass letters which were lighted at night by flourescent lights concealed in a trough. All exterior deck balconies which run the entire length of both the front and rear of the building were removed as well as any rotted support timbers and replaced with new fiberglass decking and support timbers. Three trees were removed from the back parking lot. The lot was then graded for drainage and concrete surface was poured to create five spaces for tenant parking. An automated parking access gate was installed. Every commercial and residential bathroom was demolished and new bathrooms were installed to code.

Every commercial and residential unit was replumbed and rewired including conversion from fuses to circuit breakers. 2' by 4' suspended accoustic tile ceilings with flush mounted lights were installed in all of the commercial units. T he commercial tenants performed extensive work in addition to the Landlord's renovations. The pool hall spent over $100,000 in refurbishments, including security closed circuit TV for the interior and adjacent exterior areas, new floor coverings and new first class pool tables and billiards equipment. The restaurant and the office portions added HVAC to their units. The restaurant added first class permanent fixtures including a walk-in refridgerator and a grill.

An intercom system was installed to serve the residential units. Attractive high quality and durable ceramic tile was installed in the foyer entrance, bathroom floor and walls, kitchen floor, kitchen counter tops and back splashes, and the remainder of each unit was recarpeted. All bathroom fixtures including the tubs were replaced. All kitchen overhead cabinets, stoves, and sinks were replaced. Garbage disposals were added throughout. An upstairs bedroom stubbed in for a bathroom was added to unit #7. Units #1 and #9 were designed and constructed in previously unimproved space. The outside stairwell entrance to unit #10 was eliminated. The layout of #10 was redesigned with a new access created to the central hallway shared with the other residential tenants. A portion of unit #3 was converted to a laundry room with one washer and one dryer. All exterior door frames and window frames for the residential units were replaced with new vinyl frames and latticed-style windows. All residential hallways were recarpeted. New lighting was installed in the hallways and apartments.

All work was substantially completed in June 2002. The commercial space has been 100% occupied since that time. The residential space has been 100% occupied as well with the exception of three tenant turnovers which were filled within 30 days each.